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chilli paneer

Chilli paneer is a flavorful dish originating from Indo-Chinese cuisine. It consists of fried paneer cubes cooked with vibrant spices, peppers, and vegetables, offering a delightful culinary experience.

paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is a beloved Indian appetizer. Cubes of paneer cheese are marinated in aromatic spices, then grilled or baked for a smoky, flavorful delight.

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    Tandoori Soya Chaap

    Marinated soy protein cooked in tandoor, bursting with smoky flavors and spices.

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    Tandoori Aloo

    Grilled potatoes marinated with aromatic spices, offering a delightful blend of crispy and tender.

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    Hara Bhara Kabab

    A vegetarian delight featuring spinach, peas, and potatoes, seasoned with Indian spices and pan-fried.

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    paneer do pyaza

    A savory Indian curry with paneer (cottage cheese) and abundant onions, offering rich flavors.

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    A traditional Rajasthani dish, round wheat dough balls baked and typically served with dal and churma.

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    bajre ki roti

    Nutritious flatbread made from pearl millet flour, a staple in Indian cuisine, often enjoyed with curries.

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    A rustic Indian side dish, roasted and mashed vegetables like eggplant or potatoes, seasoned with spices.

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    A sweet Rajasthani dessert made by crushing wheat flour dough balls and mixing with ghee and jaggery.


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